The 'Curriculum for Living' is comprised of four courses.  The Landmark Forum is designed to free a person from the fetters of the past.  We all have very automatic ways of reacting to things that come up in life.  For example, consider how you react when someone presents an idea that is totally counter to your own in the areas of politics or religion.  Probably you have a way of reacting which doesn't have you feel as related to the person you are with.  Another example is when you see someone do something really unsafe in traffic.  Does your automatic reaction leave you with having a wonderful and fulfilled day?  The Landmark Forum will give you freedom and space around these kinds of situations.  You are left with a freedom from the past--free to have a future without constraints.

The Advanced Course begins where the Landmark Forum leaves off.  Now that you are competent to be free from past constraints, what would you put into your future?  This course puts that in place for yourself in you life.

The Forum in Action is designed to review the Landmark Forum for three months and apply the things you learned in all areas of your life.  Some people opt for taking one of the other seminars, usually due to scheduling.

The Self-Expression and Leadership Program (SELP) is for letting people know you in a new way.  In the Advanced Course, you invent what your future is going to look like, yet the people in your life look at you as you have always been.  SELP sort of introduces you to your communities in this new way.  This is done through taking on a public project that expresses something that really turns you on.  As you get people involved in your project, they get to know you as a person who has this kind of passion as well as having the ability to make things happen.

These four courses are quite distinct.  They each are scheduled quite differently and produce quite different results.  You have to do the Landmark Forum first regardless of which program stimulates you.  The Advanced Course, as one senior course leader puts it, is 'the most powerful course on the planet'.

The best thing I can say is that I now can and do tell people with confidence that my life is really cool.  Before I did really some interesting things in my life but they were just the highlights; it was not my everyday experience and it did not touch every area of my life.  I now have much more powerful relationships with my large immediate family which is very important to me.  People around me know that I can get things done and that I am a good person to be with when there is a big project at hand.  My primary relationship probably would have ended before now; today it is vibrant, unexpected, and dynamic.  I am also doing work which is truly creative, learning, and contributing as well as paying much more than before.