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The Landmark Forum costs around $350 in the U.S.; this varies slightly depending on the location.  It lasts for three full days--Friday through Sunday--and Tuesday evening.  It takes place in a large room such as a hotel ballroom and looks like any large seminar would.  The course leader starts a conversation on a particular topic and participants share their insights with the whole group.  So, it is like a large group conversation.  The topics are structured although it doesn't seem like that at all.  There are some requirements which, even though they appear simple, can be a challenge in themselves.  The request is that no notes are taken and that you stay in the room for each entire session.  The purpose of this is so that you will be present to the entire conversation and not side tracked in any way.  The point is not to get knowledge or to have notes to review later, which we normally expect from seminars, but rather to look at how you have structured your life.  Your life is very present to you, you don't need notes to look at your life.  The insights you get 'stick'; they don't need to be reviewed like in more traditional kinds of education.

In the Landmark Forum, you will hear things from other participants that you will totally identify with in your life--things that you have never discussed before.  You will walk away with a lightness, openness, feeling of self-validation, and freedom that you have never experienced before.  Everyone who completes the course gets this result.  No one slips through the cracks.  That's how well the course has been designed and refined.
I describe my experience as 'champagne on the brain' for the next few weeks.  I had insights into many areas of my life and my dreams that would not have been possible before.  The most immediate effect was that of altering a moderately good relationship into one that really worked and I now had tools that could address all of the sticky areas of the relationship with simple, authentic, and straight communication.