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The benefits of the Landmark Forum come from a fundimental look at how we operate in life.  These are conversations that we rarely, if ever, have and even if we do we may come up on resignation in those areas.  Fundimentally altering where you are coming from in your communications and relationships can affect any area that we, as human beings, are interested in--business, family, pursuing dreams--and probably more than we even consider at this point.
I have to sum up the benefits by saying that people leave the Landmark Forum with more aliveness.  This happens because things from the past that used to run life, that operated completely unseen and unexamined, are now visible.  That means that you now have a choice rather than doing so many things in an automatic way.  You can choose to do things in the same way or you can try something new.  For example, when you are upset, you usually have a way that you react which is totally automatic.  That reaction may or may not be useful and effective in life.  After doing the Landmark Forum, you have a choice in the matter of how you will respond to being upset.  You may choose to stop doing things which hurt your life and relationships and instead choose something different.  There are no precise prescriptions; it is that you now have the freedom to examine the situation and choose.

I was in a relationship that was comfortable and worked well.  I am now in a relationship, with the same person, that is vibrant with love and dreams that are possible.  I gained the confidence to pursue a new job which allows me to learn and grow in new areas as well as contribute significantly to people in need.  This is because of the benefits that the Landmark Forum offers.