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Many thousands of the people who are responsible for making the Landmark courses happen do so as assistants who give their time without pay.  The reason that people assist is twofold; personal training in the design principles of the Landmark Forum and to contribute to other participants.  Many people who do the Landmark Forum find it so valuable that they want to participate in allowing others to have the same experience.  Assisting at Landmark events is a good environment for accomplishing the things that Landmark offers and assistants also receive the benefit of direct personal coaching.

Anyone who has completed the Landmark Forum is welcome to assist.  It requires a short 'introduction to assisting' meeting which lasts a couple of hours.  Two kinds of assisting include:  course production--everything necessary to create a proper working environment for the course, course supervision--everything necessary so that a course will happen effectively.  There are other ways to participate in assisting but these are the main two.

Landmark Education Corporation is really a movement of people who have found an access to living fulfilled lives.  The Landmark Forum gives an awareness of how our cynacism and resignation keeps us from seeing what is really possible in our lives in the areas of relationships, love, and making a difference in the world.  It's easy to see in others but almost invisible for ourselves.  However, living an extraordinarily fulfilled life is entirely up to us ourselves.  The Landmark assisting program gives participants the opportunity to take on specific ways of contributing to others and finding access to new areas of possibility for themselves.  Personally, I get a lot out of participating at Landmark courses.  It's great to see people gaining whole new areas of fulfillment in their lives where they had been totally resigned that things couldn't be different.

I did a lot of assisting for the major courses for a few months in Sydney, Australia.  I now participate in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  First of all, it is a lot of fun.  It was also powerful watching people get profound breakthroughs for themselves in the courses.

I am very interested in doing things that make a positive difference in the world.  When I first did the Landmark Forum, I wondered how much I could trust the motivation of the company and staff.  Through being around these people I came to realize that their commitment is impeccable.  Landmark is a group of people who have invented a company where they can fully express themselves by contributing to others.  For the people who work there, it is like they created a working environment which is the expression of their best dreams.

I currently assist with the Wisdom Unlimited Course by helping participants to get optimal results from the course assignments.